Heat Pumps – Intelligent, Adaptable and Impressive

Why Choose us: If you are looking for year round comfort in your home, cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, innovative and energy efficient heat pumps from Carrier are engineered to provide you with matchless comfort and performance!

Heat pumps works the same as air conditioners for cooling expect when warm air is required it becomes a heat pump, to provide warmth for your home. Wide range of heat pumps from Carrier, are designed to offer you with all level of performance and price point you look for. You stand to save money throughout the year as many of the products are ENERGY STAR ® qualified.

Which Heat Pump Suits You?

At Rockford heating and air conditioning, we have factory trained experienced installers who follow good practice guidelines while installing your heat pumps. Whether it is a new installation or integration into an existing system, our expert staff can perform complete installation to ensure the heap pumps performs efficiently and are integrated seamlessly.

We offer smart solutions for different types of premises. Our experts suggest the right sized heat pump unit that suits your home as this is imperative to attaining best comfort level. In deciding for the right heat pump, property location along with outdoor conditions, are some of the critical factors as these affect the degree of heat loss. A proper insulation helps further reduce the heat loss.

Eliminating Guess Work

An aged home with bad insulation can lose heat more swiftly than a well built modern home with good insulation. Quick heat loss indicates the need for a bigger heating system to overcome and compensate the heat loss. Similarly if the outside temperature drops, then the heat pump’s output capacity decrease. We eliminate the guess work as our industry experienced staff use modern tools to suggest the right sized heat pump for you, depending on the indoor and outdoor conditions.

One of our team members can visit your premise to carefully evaluate your requirements. Factors like room size, outdoor temperature, and home’s design are taken into account while recommending the right heat pump that meets your needs and style.

Exceeding Expectations In Rockford, IL

Once you are happy with our quote, our techs will schedule the right time for the installation of your heat pump. After installation, we perform tests to make sure the system works properly. With our smart heat pumps, get:

  • Unobtrusive heating (quiet and discreet)
  • Better Air Quality
  • Safe
  • Better Cooling in hot summers
  • Convenient as there are no manual routines, get precise heating and comfort at just a touch
  • Energy Efficient and cheap running costs

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