HVAC Trends for 2018

HVAC companies, like all other service providers, are concerned with what’s in the future. No one likes to be caught off guard when their business plans don’t anticipate the market accurately. However, there are emerging trends HVAC companies need to consider. More Customers Are Asking About Smart Home Technologies The Internet of Things is not

Rockford Tips To Avoid AC Repair

Stay Cool While Saving Money! Here at Rockford Heating & Air, we have a combined 80 years of experience providing AC repair for all makes and models. Our expertise, attention to detail, and work ethic make us one of the most trusted HVAC providers in the community. We know what our customer’s need and we
Let Rockford Keep You Cool and Healthy! It’s nice to keep cool, especially in a Rockford Summer. But it isn’t just nice. It could actually be harmful to your health, energy, and well-being. The best way to maximize the lifespan of an air conditioner is to follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and storage. Many people
You’ve probably heard of ductless cooling and heating systems. You likely think of the small, indoor devices you’ve seen on the wall in a home or business. Still, do you really know how your home could benefit from an upgrade to one? They’re Adaptable Heat pumps and duct based AC move air through channels in