Get the Most out of your Premises

With over 20,000 installations of indoor heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) in our bag, Rockford Heating and Air Conditioning have earned a strong reputation for being one of the best in the industry, when it comes to installing and maintaining industrial HVAC systems. With our factory trained staff, you can always count on us for seamless integration of industrial heating and air conditioning products (read more ) that are compatible with your existing HVAC systems, to optimize energy efficiency of your industrial facilities. We are committed to installing and maintaining a wide variety of durable and efficient industrial HVAC products that will reduce your operating expenses. Whether its a hospitals, States or federal government facilities, or even the education institutions, we can install powerful and effective industrial HVAC products to create sustainable indoor environments. We can assist your industrial facility to operate at its real potential.

Energy Efficient Strategies and Safety

As heads of your industrial facilities, you are constantly challenged to maintain a balance between environmental and economic outcomes. At Rockford Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide cooling and heating solutions that improves energy saving besides meeting all your industrial heating needs. Working in tandem we help achieve profitable results for you in the long run with our industrial HVAC systems.

Being an industrial facility, we understand safety is always a big concern and priority and thus we apply our industry experience to deliver products that are secure and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. We provide comprehensive maintenance services to early detect operational hazards and quickly rectify them before it becomes a threat.

Operational Efficiency

Industrial HVAC systems require suitable positioning with proper ventilation to operate at maximum efficiency. With poor installation at under-ventilated area and inadequate insulations can lead to underperforming HVAC system ultimately resulting in either breakdown of the system or ineffective cooling facility.

Our industry trained staffs will develop the best plan to install the heating and cooling units leading to improved airflow in the premise significantly improving the building efficiency. With our industry expertise at hand, we help manage your industrial facilities with ease ensuring every element of the system is scalable to meet your cooling and heating needs.

Financial Predictability

Whether you require heating and cooling system installed from ground-up or integrated with existing systems, it all begins with a thorough assessment of your industrial premises and your needs. With proper maths done of your industrial facilities coverage area, number of employees present, we help recommend the most economical industrial HVAC system. Based on your budget and needs, we have wide range of cooling and heating products.

At Rockford Heating and Air Conditioning, we are aligned with your goals of reducing energy bills and we are committed towards making it a reality! Call us at 815-965-9494 to set up an appointment or fill in the contact form on the right to get a free estimate for your industrial HVAC requirements.

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