Humidifier Maintenance
And Installation In Rockford, IL

Did you know that you and your family members may be suffering from respiratory issues because the humidity in your home is at a low level? Dry air can cause a number of problems, and can:

  • Affect your health: Dry air can make your throat feel dry and aggravate or cause respiratory ailments (like asthma and allergies) because it promotes the growth of certain bacteria, viruses, and respiratory irritants. Air with relative humidity can help keep airborne infections away.
  • Affect your comfort level: Dry can will cause dry and itchy skin, cracked lips, and other similar types of physical discomfort.
  • Affect your house: Dry air sucks the moisture out of the wooden products in your home, causing it to shrink and crack. This includes floors, furniture, doors, and more.

Humidifiers Ensure That There Won’t Be A Dry Eye In The House

Installing a furnace humidifier in your home will not only add moisture to the air and alleviate the above ailments; it will also help you save on energy costs. There’s a reason that warm humid summer air feels hotter than it actually is; it’s because of the moisture that it contains. The same concept applies to the air in your home when the humidity is at an optimal level; it is possible for you to turn your thermostat down without losing your sense of comfort. Decreasing the temperature of your thermostat by just 3 degrees can reduce your heating bill significantly.

Exceeding Expectations In Rockford, IL

Furnace humidifiers are connected to your furnace system and work with your HVAC unit to add moisture to the air in your home. Albeit more expensive than other types of humidifiers, they are also more efficient and will cost you less to operate in the long term; they even reduce static electricity.

Rockford Heating & Cooling offers a variety of humidifiers that are guaranteed to infuse your Rockford, IL, home with an optimal amount of moisture in the atmosphere. We offer both installation and maintenance services; you can count on us to provide you with a solution and services that fits your specific needs. Call us today at 815-965-9494 and let our experienced staff help you with your home comfort needs.

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