Fan Coil Units Fit Unique Needs of Industrial Spaces

When you run a warehouse, factory or another type of industrial building or facility, you have unique heating and cooling needs. It’s hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in an industrial setting that includes a lot of space, both in square footage and higher-than-average roofs. Along with regulating warehouse temperatures to protect your products, factory floor managers need to ensure workers are comfortable as they perform physical tasks.

All of this in an environment that likely has multiple doors open for extended periods of time to enable sending and receiving shipments. Or maybe a floor full of machines that contribute to the heat. Add to the mix pressure from your company’s financial officer to contain or lower costs, and it can add up to a lot of frustration for warehouse and building managers who must make multiple temperature adjustments throughout the day.

Benefits and Features

For warehouse and factory applications, a fan coil AC unit can provide the temperature control you need. Our belt-drive fan coils offer:

  • Airflow capacities that range from 600 cfm to 4,000 cfm to help meet the requirements of more challenging environments.
  • Options in motors from ¼ hp to 5 hp for the power to support increased airflow needs.
  • Vertical or horizontal units offer many different configurations to fit the requirements of your system design.
  • Several options in coils to work with two-pipe and four-pipe systems and enable peak performance.
  • Configuration options include use with outside air sources.
  • A two-inch pleated filter helps ensure indoor air quality.
  • Double-inlet fans with static, or stationary balance, as well as dynamic balance while in motion. That ensures reliable performance and less wear and tear on a system with unbalanced parts.

Maintenance and Installation

Our fan coil units include features that make quick work of maintenance tasks, including a stainless steel drain pan that can be removed for easy cleaning. It also provides resistance to corrosion. Removable unit panels give you easy access to system components, as well as wiring and connections. We’ve even included a backup, secondary drain connection in case the main connection becomes plugged. Carrier makes installation at your site easier by pre-setting drives for your specific airflow needs, which you specify upon ordering. The motor also features a platform that provides access for easy belt adjustment and knockouts that allow you to hang horizontal units.

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You may have tried to manage the heat and humidity in your factory, warehouse or other industrial building with industrial fans and venting. If you’re still not happy with those measures, it’s time to look elsewhere for a solution. At Carrier, we can help you find a cooling solution to fit your needs. For help finding a Carrier professional in your area, visit our referral page or contact us directly through our online form.

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