Controls Offer Easy Access to Building Systems

Commercial and residential building managers face a daily challenge of balancing the cost of HVAC operations with the need to keep residents and employees comfortable. Carrier offers a variety of controls to help you maintain both. Zoning systems, thermostats and web-based software give you the power to control your facility environment in a way that makes the most of system efficiencies and employee productivity too.

Facility management in today’s world makes use of wireless communications technology to offer a number of benefits that can’t be matched by hard-wired systems. Building automation system (BAS) technologies can help your organization realize cost savings and increased system flexibility. Using a technology known as direct digital control (DDC), building systems such as HVAC, fire detection, lighting and building security offer centralized control that connects with the BAS. This wireless solution provides facility managers with a safe and reliable building monitoring and control system.

iVu Building Automation System

Carrier offers the i-Vu® Building Automation System, an array of equipment and controls that allow you to observe and make changes to the HVAC system and more. Other building systems can also be “connected,” giving you round-the-clock control of lighting, security, data and other support systems. Facility staff members can access the system from inside the building or anywhere else through a smartphone, tablet or PC with web availability. Your staff can instantly and easily respond to alarms or make changes during increased-use periods.

Within the iVu BAS are a variety of controls for the many different connecting systems. Some can be used as stand-alone controls for specific systems as well. These components include:

  • Carrier Comfort Network: Within this smaller network are touch-screen interface and configuration tools; communicating controllers for existing systems; heat pump; fan coil zone; HVAC and more.
  • BACnet® HVAC controllers: Programmable controllers are available for integration with BAS from Carrier, as well as buildings using other system protocols. Additional controllers interface with chiller plants, rooftop units, ventilators, dampers and more.
  • Sensors: Facilities managers can make use of a variety of sensors to detect motion, lighting, temperature, humidity, occupancy and when doors and windows are opened and closed.
  • Thermostats: Wireless and non-communicating models are available and allow you to program temperature controls; some are available with humidity control.

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Building automation systems can also provide reports and other data to help facilities managers understand and adjust building operations to help you save on energy costs. For information and to consult a Carrier expert, visit our referral page or contact us via our online form.

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